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Tishdon's Arjuna Tv Review

Rated: 6

I was enticed into buying this series by the trailer which featured most of the first episode, and more importantly a beautiful song.

Arjuna caught my attention with the words �…One hot summer day I died…� and held it for around 3 episodes (the first and the last two). But the story and series degenerated after the first episode into a rant on the dangers of mass produced foods, imported products and industrialism. Perhaps the writers and producers of the anime could save the environment more effectively by not wasting the DVD’s and boxes on this anime.

If you watched the first two and last two episodes you’d still get the main story without being lectured and bored to death (13 episodes-4 episodes = 9 excess and boring episodes).

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Tishdon's Kare Kano Tv Review

Kare Kano

Rated: 8

The basic story line for this anime certainly isn’t original, and you might mistakenly label this as just another high school/pre-university sappy love story. However that’s where the similarities to any other anime end. This series took a very unique twist of a well used theme and created a strange and fast moving anime with serious overtones woven in between humorous situations, satisfying punch lines and some pretty cool fight/chase scenes.

The love story between these two flawed High School students is the core of this series – however don’t get the impression that this is a serious anime. This is basically a comedy written in the shadow of a serious anime.

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